Our aims and values

We aim to…

  • Inform policy and public debate through timely consideration of the ethical questions raised by biological and medical research so that the benefits to society are realised in a way that is consistent with public values.

We do this by…

  • Engaging a range of public, professional, political, and policy stakeholders to ensure that the Council is aware of, and responsive, to the major issues of interest and concern to them.
  • Involving a broad range of expertise and opinion to develop a range of high-quality outputs and activities.
  • Contributing to contemporary discussions of bioethics in professional and policy arenas, including making recommendations to Government or other bodies in a timely, practical, and relevant way.
  • Leading public debate on bioethics issues by playing an active role in media, policy, and professional fora both nationally and internationally

In keeping with our values of…

  • Quality, rationality, and rigour. All aspects of our work should draw on a wide range of expertise, deliver to the highest possible standards, be based on the best evidence available, and be supported by careful and comprehensive analysis.
  • Independence. Members of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and of our working groups should be selected for their individual qualities and expertise, not to represent any particular group or view. Whilst consulting widely, we should be free to select the topics, and the content, of our outputs.
  • Transparency and inclusiveness. We should work in a way that is clear and accessible to diverse audiences. Whilst the expression of all views is encouraged and welcomed, we should favour no single view or approach to bioethics.
  • Relevance and timeliness. We should aim to work on issues that are of significance to society, so that our outputs can support policy developments and debates.

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