Meat alternatives

Current Project

To be published January 2020

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Our next briefing note, to be published at the end of 2019, will look at the ethical and social issues around emerging meat alternatives. The topic emerged from our 2018 horizon scanning workshop on food sustainability (you can read Sir Roland Jackson’s blog on the workshop, Unpacking the ethics of food sustainability: health, harmony and beyond).

The briefing note will examine the ethical, social and policy challenges of meat production and how current research and scientific developments into meat alternatives may meet rising consumer demands. The note will explore ethical challenges related to meat alternatives considering human health and well being, and how policies for these developments may be orientated sustainably to take account of the environment, animal welfare and impacts on the farming industry.

Project team

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Arzoo Ahmed

Research Officer (maternity cover)

Arzoo is undertaking research as part of the Council’s active response programme and its horizon scanning work. Prior to joining the Council, Arzoo was director at the Centre for Islam and Medicine and a research associate at the Office for Public Management. Arzoo is completing an MA in philosophy at King’s College London, and graduated with a BA in Physics and an MPhil in Medieval Arabic Thought from the University of Oxford.

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Catherine Joynson

Assistant Director

Catherine is part of the senior management team. She is responsible for leading a range of Council projects including the active response programme (e.g. Bioethics briefing notes) and its horizon scanning work. Catherine speaks on behalf of the Council on a range of ethical issues.