In October 2009, the Council published a report, Dementia: ethical issues, which considers the ethical issues that arise in the context of dementia.

Ethical difficulties arising in dementia include:

  • deciding when and how to communicate a diagnosis
  • balancing a person’s safety with their need for independence and freedom
  • deciding what is in the best interests of the person with dementia, for example when making decisions about their care and treatment
  • recognising that the needs of the person with dementia may sometimes conflict with the needs of others, especially carers
  • tackling discrimination against people with dementia
  • allocating resources to support people with dementia
  • deciding what priority to give to dementia research

The report was produced by an expert Working Party. To inform its deliberations, the Working Party consulted a wide range of people, including those with direct experience of living with dementia, people working in the field of dementia, and other members of the public.

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