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Genome editingGenome editing: an ethical review

Children and research cover

Children and clinical researchChildren and clinical research: ethical issues


Biological and health dataThe collection, linking and use of data in biomedical research and health care: ethical issues

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The culture of scientific researchThe findings of a series of engagement activities exploring the culture of scientific research in the UK

Novel Neurotechnologies report

NeurotechnologyNovel neurotechnologies: intervening in the brain

Emerging biotechnologies Cover

Emerging biotechnologiesEmerging biotechnologies: technology, choice and the public good

Nuffield Human Bodies cover

DonationHuman bodies: donation for medicine and research


BiofuelsBiofuels: ethical issues

MPOM cover

Personalised healthcareMedical profiling and online medicine: the ethics of 'personalised healthcare' in a consumer age

Dementia report cover

DementiaDementia: ethical issues

Public Health Cover

Public healthPublic health: ethical issues

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BioinformationThe forensic use of bioinformation: ethical issues

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Neonatal medicineCritical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues


Animal researchThe ethics of research involving animals

GMCII_front cover2

GM crops in developing countriesThe use of GM crops in developing countries: a follow-up discussion paper

Pharmacogenetics Cover

PharmacogeneticsPharmacogenetics: ethical issues

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Genetics and behaviourGenetics and human behaviour: the ethical context

Dpat cover

Patenting DNAThe ethics of patenting DNA: a discussion paper

HRRDC report cover

Research in developing countriesThe ethics of research related to healthcare in developing countries

Stem cells report cover

Stem cellsStem cell therapy: the ethical issues

GMCI front cover_scanned version 020805

GM cropsGenetically modified crops: the ethical and social issues

Mental disorders and genetics cover

Mental disordersMental disorders and genetics: the ethical context

Animal-to-Human Transplants The ethics of Xenotransplantation

XenotransplantationAnimal-to-human transplants: the ethics of xenotransplantation

Human Tissue Ethical and Legal Issues

Human tissueHuman tissue: ethical and legal issues

Genetic Screening ethical issues

Genetic screeningGenetic screening: ethical issues


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