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1.  To review recent and prospective advances in xenografts and the current and prospective applications of such procedures. For these purposes xenografts are defined as the transplantation of animal cells, tissues or organs into human beings.

2.  To identify and consider the ethical issues arising from current and prospective uses of xenografts, including in particular:

a) the ethical aspects of the case for xenografts in the light of alternative procedures or practices, taking into account current and potential benefits and current and potential difficulties;

b) the use of animals as sources of cells, tissues or organs;

c) the special care and maintenance of the animals intended for that use;

d) the ethical implications of transferring human genes into animals to allow the subsequent transplantation of animal cells, tissues or organs into human beings

e) any other ethical issues arising from experimentation with transgenic animals to enable their use as sources of xenografts – taking account, in particular, of the possibilities of the transmission of disease across species boundaries.

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