Neonatal medicine consultation responses

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has decided that, where possible, it will post consultation responses on its website. The Working Party has found the replies extremely useful and has considered all the responses.

In the spirit of openness, the Council has made available these submissions to the wider public. They are to be found by following the links below. (Only the submissions of those respondents who have given their consent have been made available).


Anon 1
Anon 2
Anon 3
Anon 4
Anon 5
Anon 6
Anon 7
Anon 8
Anon 9
Anon 10
Anon 11
Anon 12
Anon 13


Michael Abrams
Dr Pauline Adiotomre
Dr Jayapaul Azariah
Miss Emma Baird
KA Bergman MD
Alan M Calverd
Carine de Beaufort
Dr Paul de Keyser
Jan Deckers
Professor A Dhai
Dr David Ferguson
Dr Mark Houghton
Professor Shirley Jones
Jeantine Lunshof
Ms Marilyn Mason
Mrs Jayne McCoy
Mother Andrea Mrs
Mrs Nicola OConnor
Miss Mari Owen
Revd Canon Dr Maureen F Palmer
Mr Kevin Power
R Graham and J Rankin
Dr John Smyth
Chantal Stewart


Antenatal Results and Choices
Centre for family research
Christian Medical Fellowship
European Bioethical Research
Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Genetic Interest Group
Institut borja de bioethica
Israeli Bioethics Commission response
Jagiellonian University
National Council of Women of Great Britain
Royal College of General Practitioners
Peruvian Bioethics Association
Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Royal College of Physicians Faculty of Public Health
Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust response
Southern Manchester University Hospitals
Sub-group of North Nottinghamshire Local Research Ethics Committee
The Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre
Uni Oxford National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit

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