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Highlights of media coverage about the report

10.04.15ScienceArticle: Transatlantic lessons in regulation of mitochondrial replacement therapy
03.02.15BBC News onlineArticle: MPs say yes to three-person babies
03.02.15Financial TimesBlog: A vote for science
03.02.15Press AssociationArticle published in Yahoo news: Key mitochondrial debate events
03.02.15PBS (US)Article: UK House of Commons passes controversial three-person fertility treatment
03.02.15Discover magazineBlog post: UK Becomes First Country to Approve ‘Three-Parent Babies’
03.02.15Slate.comBlog post: U.K. Votes to Allow Treatment That Fights Disease by Creating “Three-Parent Babies”
02.02.15BMJ Blog post: Will the mitochondrial horse fall at the last hurdle?
02.02.15Shanghai DailyArticle: UK lawmakers urged to allow 3-parent IVF babies
01.02.15The ObserverEditorial: The Observer view on mitochondrial replacement
01.02.15ReutersArticle: International campaigners urge UK to allow 'three-parent' IVF babies
01.02.15Daily MailArticle: International campaigners urge UK to allow "3-parent" IVF babies
30.01.15Daily TelegraphArticle: Scientists accuse Church of ignorance over three parent babies
30.01.15The GuardianArticle: UK urged to permit IVF procedure to prevent fatal genetic diseases
28.01.15The TimesLetter signed by Prof Jonathan Montgomery: Three person IV
25.02.14Scientific AmericanMentioned in article: Making Babies with 3 Genetic Parents Gets FDA Hearing
11.02.14The GuardianMentioned in comment piece: This treatment would save children's lives - so why won't the government allow it?
28.06.13CNN.comMentioned in article: UK takes step toward 'three-parent babies'
28.06.13The TimesMentioned in article: First three-parent baby could be British if IVF ban is lifted
28.06.13Daily MailMentioned in article: Babies with three parents could be born by 2015 after controversial genetic treatment gets green light
21.03.13Voice of Russia (UK)Feature: 'UK close to creating babies from 3 people' including interview with Working Party Chair Dr Geoff Watts
20.03.13New ScientistMentioned in article: 'Make three-parent babies, UK Government told' (free registration required to access)
20.03.13The GuardianMentioned in article: 'Britain ponders 'three-person embryos' to combat genetic diseases'
20.03.13Daily TelegraphMentioned in article: 'Government must move quickly on 'three parent IVF'
20.03.13Al JazeeraLive studio interview with Council Director Hugh Whittall
20.03.13Channel 4 NewsMentioned in article: 'Three-parent' IVF baby plans get thumbs-up'
19.12.12Nature News BlogIncluded in blog article: Timeline of events: A brief history of what made news this year
17.09.125 News, Channel 5Interview with Hugh Whittall, Director of the Council
17.09.12Voice of Russia (UK)Interview with Geoff Watts, Chair of the Working Group
17.09.12LBC RadioInterview with Professor Sian Harding, member of the Working Group
17.09.12Daily TelegraphMentioned in news article: 'Three-parent baby' fertility technique could be made legal
17.09.12BBC Radio NewcastleInterview with Professor Peter Braude, member of the Working Group
17.09.12BBC News onlineMentioned in news article: 'Three people, one baby' public consultation begins
23.06.12The LancetNews article about the report: Ethics of mitochondrial donation
12.06.12The TimesNews article about the report: ‘Three-parent’ genetics would be ethical to avoid disease, review finds
12.06.12ReutersNews article about the report: Ethics body backs potential "3-parent" IVF treatment
12.06.12BBC News onlineNews article about the report: Three-person IVF 'is ethical' to treat mitochondrial disease
12.06.12BBC Radio 4 TodayInterview with Professor Frances Flinter, member of the Working Group
12.06.12ITV NewsInterviews and discussion of the report
12.06.12ScienceNews article about the report: Therapy for Mitochondrial Disease Is Ethical, Says Nuffield Council
12.06.12Daily TelegraphNews article about the report: Give 'three-parent' IVF babies the green light, say ethicists
12.06.12NatureBlog article about the report: Bioethics board backs embryo alteration for mitochondrial disease
12.06.12The GuardianNews article about the report: Mitochondria donation wins ethical approval for fertility treatments
12.06.12The IndependentMentioned in news article: Medical expert presses for change in law to allow for 'three-parent IVF'
12.06.12Daily MailNews article about the report: Experts on ethics back creation of babies with three parents saying it is 'amazing opportunity' for families blighted by incurable diseases
12.06.12Wellcome Trust BlogBlog article by Dr Geoff Watts, Chair of the Working Group: 'Three parent' headlines distract from the real issues of mitochondrial disorders
12.06.12The Huffington PostNews article about the report: UK experts: Research methods to make embryos from 2 women, 1 man should be allowed if safe
12.06.12The Northern EchoMentioned in news article: Newcastle University scientists welcome ethics council backing for IVF gene switching
05.06.12GuardianMentioned in news article: 'Three-parent babies' cure for illness raises ethical fear'
26.01.12NatureMentioned in Editorial: 'Fertile Union'
24.01.12NatureMentioned in news article: 'UK sets sights on gene therapy in eggs'
23.01.12BioNewsMentioned in news article: '5.8m boost for mitochondrial disease research'
19.01.12Financial TimesMentioned in news article: 'Babies with three parents planned'
19.01.12ScienceMentioned in news article: 'Charity Funding boosts controversial therapy for Mitochondrial Disease'
19.01.12Research FortnightMentioned in news article: 'Action taken against mitochondrial treatment barriers'
19.01.12NatureMentioned in blog article: 'Egg nucleus swaps get funding and regulatory boost in the UK'

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