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The deadline for responses was 17 August 2018. If you’d still like to respond, but would like to request a deadline extension, please contact

In November 2017, we launched our in-depth inquiry exploring how research can be conducted ethically in global health emergencies.

The aim of our project is to help to develop a common understanding of what constitutes ethical research in such circumstances, and to use this as a basis for making practical recommendations for change.

Our call for evidence is an open invitation to anyone with an interest in the conduct of research in global health emergencies to contribute their experiences, perspectives and opinions to help shape the working group’s analysis at this early stage of the project.

The call for evidence covers a range of issues of ethical interest / concern in the context of research in global health emergencies. The links on the left-hand side of this page enable respondents to navigate to issues which may be of particular interest. Alternatively, the full call for evidence document (in Word format) is available to download here.

If you would like to respond to our questions, we ask that you use this form and return it in as a Word document.

The first section of the form allows you to specify how we can use your data; the second section sets out our questions, and leaves room for you to write your response.

Please feel free to reply to as many, or as few, of the questions as you wish.

Once you have completed your response, please send it to:

Download the call for evidence document.

1. What constitutes a ‘global health emergency’?
2. Undertaking research in a global health emergency: whose voices should be heard?
3. Study design and review
4. Making decisions about participation in research
5. Duties at the interface of research, treatment, and public health
6. Obligations to / expectations of front-line research staff
7. What are the challenges of effective collaboration in global health emergencies?
8. Other issues / considerations

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