Genome editing: an ethical review – published 2016


The Council published Genome editing: an ethical review on 30 September 2016

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  1. Genome editing
  2. Science in context
  3. Moral perspectives
  4. Human health
  5. Food
  6. Environment
  7. Other applications
  8. Conclusions

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  1. Introduction to the review
  2. Genome editing in brief: what, why and how?
  3. The context of genome editing
  4. Moral perspectives
  5. Human health
  6. Food
  7. Wildlife and ecosystems
  8. Other applications: industrial, military and amateur use
  9. Conclusions

The review was carried out by an interdisciplinary working group that included expertise in science, law, philosophy, ethics, sociology and industry. In coming to its conclusions, the Working Group invited contributions from a wide range of people, including through an open call for evidence that ran from November 2015 until February 2016.

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