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DateMedia outletDetails
3 December 2018Times Higher EducationFears over impact of gene editing case
29 November 2018 Washington PostScientists call for a halt to genetically editing embryos, rebuke Chinese researcher
28 November 2018BloombergBrave New World of Editing Human DNA Starts in China
27 November 2018ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corp.)Interview with Pete Mills
26 November 2018Washington Post Chinese scientist’s claim of gene-edited babies creates uproar
23 July 2018BMJ OpinionBroad societal debate should inform the use of genome editing in reproduction, Shaun Griffin
21 July 2018The Guardian (opinion)Fear of dystopian change should not blind us to the potential of gene editing, Kenan Malik
19 July 2018The Times (opinion)Fear of eugenics shouldn’t halt gene editing, David Aaronovitch
19 July 2018MetroWithout the certainty of genetic testing, I would never have felt able to have a family, anonymous
18 July 2018Talk RadioInterview with Jackie Leach Scully
18 July 2018Financial Times Letter - Opening the door to new high-tech eugenics is absolute folly, Richard Hayes
18 July 2018Financial Times (opinion)Beware the unintended consequences of genome editing, Emily Jackson
18 July 2018Mason Institute blogDebate, not 'designer babies' hyperbole, is what we need in genome editing, Sarah Chan
17 July 2018BBCEditing human embryos 'morally permissible'
17 July 2018The GuardianGenetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body
17 July 2018Independent Designer babies: Picking traits for non-medical reasons could be 'morally permissible', says UK ethics group
17 July 2018The TelegraphDesigner babies on horizon as ethics council gives green light to genetically edited embryos 
17 July 2018The TimesNo moral bar to creating designer babies, medical ethics body claims
17 July 2018Financial TimesEditing of human gene is morally permissible, says ethics study
17 July 2018The MirrorDesigner babies given green light as gene experts say they have 'no moral objections'
17 July 2018Daily MailEditing genes to create 'designer babies' in order to enhance their looks or intelligence could be 'morally permissible', UK ethics council says
17 July 2018The SunGENE OP GO-AHEAD - British couples could soon be allowed to create ‘designer babies’ after experts throw their support behind the practice
17 July 2018MetroEditing DNA for designer babies ‘may be justified’
17 July 2018Press Association (via Mail Online)No reason to rule out genome editing in human reproduction, ethics experts say
17 July 2018BBC Radio 4 Today Karen Yeung is interviewed by John Humphreys
17 July 2018BBC World Service (radio)Interview with Joyce Harper
17 July 2018BBC Five LiveInterview with Karen Yeung
17 July 2018UCB RadioInterview with Pete Mills (link not available)
17 July 2018BBC World News (TV)Interview with Hugh Whittall
17 July 2018BBC Radio West MidlandsInterview with Hugh Whittall
17 July 2018BBC Radio ShropshireInterview with Hugh Whittall
17 July 2018BBC Radio CoventryInterview with Hugh Whittall
17 July 2018BBC Radio Scotland Drive TimeInterview with Joyce Harper
17 July 2018RT UKDebate with Joyce Harper, Frank Furedi and Lynn Murray
17 July 2018Sky News (TV)Hugh Whittall
17 July 2018Independent (opinion)As someone with a genetic condition, I’m worried genome editing might be used to make permanent changes to the blueprint of human existence, Felicity Boardman
17 July 2018Guardian (opinion)Genetically modifying future children isn’t just wrong. It would harm all of us., Marcy Darnovsky

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