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In January 2019, we began an inquiry into the potential development of genome editing applications in farmed animals.

‘Genome editing’ describes an emerging family of biological techniques for making precise, targeted genetic alterations to living cells. Genome editing applications could produce animals that are resistant to disease, have higher proportions of muscle mass, are better adapted to environmental conditions or can serve as surrogates to enable the births of greater numbers of productive offspring (more detail on genome editing techniques is available here).

Our call for evidence is an open invitation to anyone with an interest in genome editing and farmed animals to contribute their experiences, perspectives and opinions to help shape the working group’s analysis at this early stage of the project.

Our call for evidence is split into the following sections:

  1. Current research
  2. Socioeconomic context
  3. Ethics
  4. Law, regulation, and policy

You can either navigate through the call for evidence on our website (see menu on the left) or download the document.


The closing date for written evidence is 20 September 2019.

Please feel free to reply to as many, or as few, of the questions as you wish.

If you would like to respond to our questions, we ask that you use this form and return it in as a Word document. Please send your response to Please read our guidance for responding for additional information.

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