Donor conception consultation responses

Where possible, the Council will post responses to open consultations and calls for evidence on its website. In the spirit of openness, the Council has made these submissions available to the wider public. Only the submissions of those respondents who have given their consent have been made available.


Donor Sibling Registry

Pride Angel Ltd

Louisa Ghevaert, Partner at Porter Dodson Solicitors & Advisors

British Medical Association

Progress Educational Trust

Maren Klotz, Lecturer, European Ethnology Humboldt University Berlin, Honorary Fellow at the Egenis Centre, University of Exeter

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority

Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association

Trustees and Steering Group of the Donor Conception Network

The Christian Medical Fellowship

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

Church of England: Mission and Public Affairs Council

The British Infertility Counselling Association

British Fertility Society

Professor David Katz, on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

PROGAR (Project Group on Assisted Reproduction) British Association of Social Workers

Venessa Smith, Donor Services Coordinator, The London Women’s Clinic

The International Donor Offspring Alliance


Dr Maggie Kirkman, The Jean Hailes Research Unit, Monash University, Australia

Mr James Martin

Andrea Powell

Professor Marilyn Strathern

Lynda Mizen

Jennie Hunt, Senior Accredited member of BICA

Dr Sonia Allan

Professor Carol Smart and Dr Petra Nordqvist, The University of Manchester

Dr Thérèse Callus

Tsuyoshi Sotoya, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University

Rachel Pepa

Helen Brodie, Aneesa Azhar, Daniel Downey, Daniel Gibson, Martin Guichard-Wheatley, Jamila Kassam, Elizabeth Frances Kershaw, Michal Konisiewicz, Immanuel Rhema


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