Dementia consultation responses

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has decided that, where possible, it will post consultation responses on its website. The Working Party has found the replies extremely useful and has considered all the responses.

In the spirit of openness, the Council has made available these submissions to the wider public. (Only the submissions of those respondents who have given their consent have been made available).


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Ernie Allan
Professor June Andrews
Norman Ashworth
Mrs Jacqueline Baldock
Margaret Barbour
Claire Biernacki
Susan Boex
Sara Bonfield
Bruce Bovill
Dr Eugene Breen
Dr Guy Brown
Jean Burnard
Ross Campbell and Ian Jamieson
H A Carsley
Mrs Debra Catton
Mr Keith Chard
Agnes Charnley
Bill Drake
Jim Ellis, member of the Alzhemiers Society
Mrs Jaki Evans
Annie Foster
Susan M. C. Gibbons
Canon Professor Robin Gill
Beatrice Godwin, Researcher, CDAS, University of Bath
Dr Nori Graham
Barbara Hall
Dr Jeremy Harding
Mrs Margaret Hawkins
Jonathan Herring
Charlie and Margot Hook
Colin Isaacs
Dr Ian M Jessiman
Mrs Kathryn L Johnston
Professor David Albert Jones
Associate Professor Robert Jones
Dr John Kelly
Algy Keuneman
John N Laurie
Jan Lethbridge
Moira Livesey
Professor Roberto Llanos
Joseph Loftus
Mrs K Loughnane
Professor Seth Love
John Major of Bournemouth
Professor R. J. Mayer
Nancy McAdam
Dr Hazel McHaffie
Elizabeth McIntyre
Findlay McQuarrie
Angela Melamed
Julie Miller
Miqdad R
Chreanne Montgomery-Smith
Mrs S Muller
Sarah Olivier
Professor Roger Orpwood
Mrs Lesley Perrins
Barbara Pointon
Mrs Liz Purcell
Professor Martin Raff
Charlotte Rowley
Daphne Sharp
John Shore
Hazel Simpson
Robert Steward
Martin Swann
Professor C. G. Swift
Miss Gill Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Dr C. A. Trotter
Lillian Y Turner
Dr James Warner
Professor Peter Whitehouse
Gordon Wilcock
Miss Janet Wilkinson
Professor Bob Woods
Ann Yourston


AAC Research Unit, University of Stirling
Academy of Medical Sciences
Admiral Nurses – For dementia
Age Concern Camden
Age Concern Leeds
Alzheimer Scotland
Alzheimers Research Trust
Alzheimers Society
British Geriatric Society
Bromley PCT
Carers from Reminiscence Cafe Drop-in, Memorial Hospital
Christian Council on Ageing; Faith in Elderly People
Christian Medical Fellowship
Dementia Services Development Centre (South East)
Department of Palliative Medicine, Velindre Hospital
Dignity in Dying
Ethox Centre
European Care Group
Falkirk Branch – Alzheimer Scotland
Field Lane Foundation
Guidepost Trust
Guideposts Trust (supplementary response)
Inverness Dementia Group
Joes Club Worcestershire
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Medical Research Council and ESRC
MedicAlert Foundation
National Prion Clinic
Nursing and Midwifery Council
Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland)
Older People and Disability Team, Bracknell Forest Council
One Creative Environments Ltd
Royal College of General Practitioners
Royal College of Nursing
Royal College of Physicians
Scottish Dementia Working Group
Scottish Social Services Council
Spiritual Care for Older People (SCOP), Diocese of Oxford
St Thomas More RC Sixth Form College
Stockport Dementia Care Training (Consultation Session)
United Kingdom Psychiatric Pharmacy Group
Wellcome Trust

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