Launch seminar presentations

The following presentations were given by members of the Working Party at the launch seminar for ‘The forensic use of bioinformation: ethical issues’ in September 2007.

1. Introduction, ethical values and human rights

Professor Sir Bob Hepple

Chairman of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and the Working Group on bioinformation

Presentation slides (PowerPoint 8 slides)

2. The science: accuracy, reliability and intepretation

Professor Andrew Read

Chair of Human Genetics, University of Manchester

Presentation slides (PowerPoint 6 slides)

3. Criminal investigation and trial

Dr Carole McCartney

Project manager and Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds

Presentation slides (PowerPoint 8 slides)

4. Familial searching, inferring ethnicity and research uses

Dr Bronwyn Parry

Reader in Social and Cultural Geography, Queen Mary University of London

Presentation slides (PowerPoint 7 slides)

5. Governance and ethical oversight

Professor Graeme Laurie

Director, AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology, University of Edinburgh

Presentation slides (PowerPoint 8 slides)

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