Consultation responses

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has decided that, where possible, it will post consultation responses on its website. The Working Party has found the replies extremely useful and has considered all the responses.

In the spirit of openness, the Council has made available these submissions to the wider public. (Only the submissions of those respondents who have given their consent have been made available).


Anon 1
Anon 2
Anon 3
Anon 4
Anon 5
Anon 6
Anon 7
Anon 8
Anon 9
Anon 10
Anon 11
Anon 12
Anon 13
Anon 14
Anon 15
Anon 16
Anon 17
Anon 18
Anon 19
Anon 20
Anon 21
Anon 22
Anon 23
Anon 24
Anon 25
Anon 26
Anon 27
Anon 28
Anon 29
Anon 30
Anon 31
Anon 32
Anon 33
Anon 34
Anon 35
Anon 36
Anon 37
Anon 38
Anon 39
Anon 40
Anon 41
Anon 42


A Lloyd
Aiden Berry
Alice Kilroy
Allister Mannion
Andrew Evans
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Wright
Ben Pheasey-Rattigan
Benedict Birnberg
Bob Horner
Colin Craig
Dana Moore
Dave Cook
David Mery
David Proctor
Dr Bernard Burke
Dr Thomas Douglas and Professor Julian Savulescu
Elizabeth Craig
Frank Everett
Ian Jessiman
IR Ley
Jan Bikker
John Birkett
Jon Westlake
Joseph Hughes PhD
Kate O’Mahony
MIH Becket
Mike McGregor
Mike Mills
Mike Redmayne
Mr Andrew Gretton
Mr Chris Heatley
Mr Gavin McIntyre
Mr Gordon Walkley
Mr John Bicknell
Mr Piers Herbert
Mr Richard Tyndall
Mr TJ Coldrick
Paul Higgins
Phil Booth
Philip G Atock
Professor A P Dawid
Professor Ben Mepham
R Hutchens
Rev Dr Daniel Haines
Robert Nock
S Ward
Sally Ramage
Sarah Smith
SJ Browne
Tim Wilson
Tony Moeller


ACPOS (Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland)
Action on Rights for Children (ARCH)
Alain Williams Parliament Hill Computers
Association of Police Authorities, Association of Chief Police Officers and Home Office (Joint response)
Biosciences Federation and Royal Society of Chemistry
British Academy of Forensic Sciences
British Medical Association
Clive Gross, Principal Spokesperson, Eastbourne Green Party
Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners
Dr Paul Debenham, Director, Technology & Development, LGC Mr Ric Treble, Scientific Advisor, Forensic Division, LGC
Dr Rob Elles on behalf of the British Society for Human Genetics
Ethics Committee, Royal College of Pathologists
Ethox Centre, Dept. of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Oxford
Forensic Institute
Forensic Science Society
GeneWatch UK
Institut Borja de Bioetica
London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association
National Council of Women of Great Britain
Nottingham University Hospital Ethics of Clinical Practice Committee
Open Rights Group
Royal Academy of Engineering
Royal College of Nursing
Royal College of Nursing, Ethics Forum Steering Committee
School of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University
Senselect Ltd
Students at Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge
Wales Gene Park and Techniquest
Wellcome Trust

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