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27.01.10Understanding Animal Research websiteRecommendation on research in public opinion referred to in: Public opinion polling: what is it for?
Jan-07ILAR Journal Vol 48 No. 1 (US)Article by Baroness Perry of Southwark: The ethics of animal research: a UK perspective
13.12.06Nature OnlineMentioned in article: Animal research: grey matters
03.06.06BBC News onlineQuoted in article: 'Testing on apes 'might be needed'
Jun-06Nature GeneticsAnimal research and the search for understanding
10.04.06The GuardianLetter by Pauline Perry in response to proposal for recording animal suffering
04.04.06BBC News onlineArticle: Science examines animal suffering
Mar-06NC3R's websiteViewpoint article by Baroness Perry of Southwark
25.03.05BBC Radio 4 The Today ProgrammeFeature on the ethics of research involving animals
25.03.05The GuardianScientists told: reduce animal experiments

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