Monthly archives: August 2016

  • This is an edited transcript of a talk given by our Director, Hugh Whittall, at the 2016 Global Summit of National Ethics Committees.  

    Bioethics has to and does engage important public interests and is in itself a public enterprise. Of course, national ethics committees (NECs) advise policy, but if we see bioethics as a public enterprise that engages public interests then this obviously requires public involvement in a pluralistic fashion, engaging a national and international discourse. That much we all will agree. (more…)

  • By Kate Harvey, Senior Research Officer, and Ranveig Svenning Berg, Communications Officer

    Today, the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games will spring to life with an opening ceremony that promises samba, supermodels, and even the odd sportsperson.

    But in the build-up to the Games, the topic which has dominated the sporting press has focused not on the records that might be broken, or the personal bests that might be achieved, but rather on the use of performance-enhancing drugs. (more…)

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