How the Council works

Members of the Council meet quarterly. During these meetings, the Council discusses and contributes to ongoing work and reviews recent advances in medical and biological research that raise ethical questions and selects topics for further exploration.

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Our work

We are most well-known for our in-depth reports, which tackle some of the most difficult issues in bioethics and have significant impact – both nationally and internationally. However, our work reaches beyond this through consultative processes, meetings, workshops, briefing documents, and involvement in media.

In-depth inquiries

In-depth inquiries have been our core activity since the Council’s establishment in 1991. Our inquiries usually take 18-24 months, are overseen by an expert working group, and are informed by extensive consultation and research. They have resulted in over 30 detailed reports or publications on a range of bioethics topics, many of which have been influential in informing policy, practice and public debate.

Responsive activities

In addition to our in-depth inquiries, we aim to respond to developments and debates in medicine and bioscience through more rapid activities. We do this through a number of activities, including:

  • Publishing briefing papers
  • Organising workshops, roundtable meetings and other events
  • Providing media interviews and comments, and briefings for journalists on bioethics topics
  • Writing opinion articles for the Council’s blog
  • Briefing parliamentarians ahead of parliamentary debates on bioethics topics
  • Contributing to parliamentary and government consultations
  • Contributing to ongoing policy discussions by taking part in meetings and giving presentations

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